Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Our Class Treaty

Room 1 are very happy to present their class treaty!

Together as a class we brainstormed everything we believe is an integral part of our class culture. How we would like to feel when we walk in the room and the ambiance we would like the classroom to have.

We then voted on our favorite ideas and put these together as promises to ourselves, our classmates and our school.

All 27 students have signed the treaty. 


  1. I love the treaty! I like how it was coffee stained and burnt to look like the real thing. Go room 1!
    By Auralie

  2. Well done. These are wonderful ideals to aim for. Am going to show my colleagues at work, these are so important and relevant, should be adopted by everyone. .what a wonderful world..all the best from Saralee's aunt Lena

  3. 👍 well done room 1 on your class treaty



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