Friday, 8 June 2018

Break out

Break out

The break out was so fun and I enjoyed it so much. We were all crowding around a table with all the clues that people had found and there were people at the table putting all the clues together. We had 45 seconds left to complete it, but we did have an extra 10 seconds.

By Kees.

Time Inquiry

This term Room 1 has been working on learning about time. 

We looked at different time zones around the world. We also looked at some countries that have the same time zone as us. Fiji was one of them. 

We also found out why 12 is at the top of the clock. In early Egypt, there were people that looked at the sky. They saw where the sun was. At 12.00pm the sun was at it's highest point. And, on a clock, the 12 is at the highest point. As time evolved the clock evolved to. It was made into sundials which were sticks planted into the earth. Then, the sundial evolved into the clock that we have nowadays. 

We have also found out that am stands for ante meridiem, which means before midday and pm stands for post meridiem which means after midday.

Our most recent work around time has been Analogue, Digital, and 24-hour clocks. We can now tell the difference between them. For example, six 0'clock pm is the same as 18.00 or 6.00pm. 

Image result for time photos

We have learned a lot about time. It hasn't just been part of our Maths it has also been part of our Inquiry

By: Samantha and Ashton

The Buddhist Temple

Chinese Calligraphy

At the Buddhist temple, the first thing room 1 did was calligraphy.

We learned to do Chinese calligraphy. Calligraphy is a way people write in many different countries. We practiced writing Chinese characters. We had lots of fun doing this, but I think I was the only one who didn’t finish!

Thank you for ALL the parents who came along, especially my dad Adrian, Noah's mum Lynn and Blake's mum Amanda. You are awesome!
From Riley

Buddy Class

Every Friday we pop into our year 2 buddy class Room 21!
We help them with their spelling, by taking and marking their spelling tests. We absolutely love connecting with other classrooms in the school.

Room 1 Mrs. Cometti is very proud of how you look at for these guys on the playground and help them in their learning. You are so patient and gentle. Keep being the amazing year six leaders you are!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The Buddhist Temple

Wishing Well
At the Buddhist Temple, one of the things we did was pray at the wishing well.
We lined up in a line and 1 person at a time we kneeled down and put our
hands together, and wished for something. Then we rang the bell and bowed.
After we gave our wishes we went and had lunch.
By Heath

Fraction, decimal and percentage word Problems

Room 1 has been working on math word problems over the last two weeks. We were making them by our self, then solving each other's. Here is an example of Jack and Wilmer's math word problem. We are Looking forward to making more math problems.
By Jack

Warehouse Letter

Room 1 decided to send a letter to the Warehouse because they were asking a couple of students to buy a plastic bag in exchange for a token. They were just trying to help our school pool.

17 the Crest    
New Zealand

Dear the warehouse

To whom it may concern,
My name is James Robb, I am a student at Sunnyhills school.
Three of my classmates were told to by a plastic bag for a token. It cost them ten cents for a bag. It says on your website you are trying to reduce the amount of plastic bags, so why do you have to sell a plastic bag for a token?

One trillion plastic bags are made every year, and approximately 380 billion plastic bags end up in the ocean. A large number of animals die every year.

I understand that the money from the plastic bags funded the school pool heat pump.  but I just don't understand why you have to buy a plastic bags to get a token. Instead of giving a customer a token when they buy a plastic bag, could you instead give the customer a token if they don't use a bag?

I like shopping at the warehouse because you always have bargains. Thank you for helping us get the heat pump. Thank you for reading this letter, I hope to stop selling plastic bags.

Yours sincerely,
James Robb

Break out

Break out The break out was so fun and I enjoyed it so much. We were all crowding around a table with all the clues that people had f...