Sunday, 6 May 2018

Our Stars of the week!

 Certificates from the Kauri Assembly 

Well Done Kees!

It is awesome having a student in room 1 who is always willing to help out.

You always put your hand up and we love it.

Keep it up!

Well done Samantha!

You are a fantastic roll model of mindfulness to others in room 1.

You go out of your way to help others achieve their goals, whether it be buddy reading, proof reading or feed forward. 

Amazing work!


  1. Awesome Job Kees and Samantha, you must have worked VERY hard. Great job.

  2. Nice job Samantha and kees for getting those certificates. You guys are really showing good leadership qualities in class and are showing our Sunnyhills school values. You guys really deserve to have those cecrificates. Sunnyhills shine!
    well done

  3. wow! I really like you art work.

  4. Well done Kees and Samantha. Kees the whales in your artwork are particularly stunning!


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