Thursday, 13 September 2018

Homemade Lava Lamp

In science week, people can do safe experiments inside the classroom!

One of the people who volunteered to be a science teacher for a day was Elise. She showed us how to make these amazing lava lamps which should be in our class forever because they look amazing!
She starts by adding water, then added cooking oil on top. The oil floats because it has less density than the water, its the same thing that makes the water strider floats!
Then she adds food colouring which sinks to the bottom of the oil layer but NOT the water because it has more density than the cooking oil, and it cushions on the thick layer of oil at the bottom, how amazing!
But that's not all, she adds a tablet that dissolves in the water (like Berocca), the tablet takes the dye with it, and when it "teleports" to the water (along with the surrounding colouring) it dissolves and makes the water blue, including blue bubbles that rose to the top! Everyone was wowed by this.

By Wilmer


  1. Lili ( Wilmer's mum)14 September 2018 at 10:51

    Well done Wilmer! I like your classroom experiments writing. It is clear and concise. And your explanation of the conceptual focus of this experiment is easy to understand. Thanks Elise being a great science teacher! From Lili

  2. WOW! Those lava lamps look very freaky. It is so interesting that the oil floats because it has less density than the water. Can you make them a colour?

  3. These lava lamps look amazing! It's so cool to see how the lava lamps work. I wish I could make one! But I'm not sure why it's call a 'Lava lamp'.

  4. The lava lamps really cool you guys!!!!!
    I'm going to try these at home!!!


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