Thursday, 13 September 2018

The Science Van

Last week was a very special week. It was Science week! We did a whole bundle of experiments in class and in the hall!
We had some people from the 'Science Van' come to our school who travel all across New Zealand. They teach kids experiments like the bed of nails (when you hear that you might think OUCH!). It actually doesn't hurt... each nail is supporting your weight. If you were sitting on one single nail it would definitely hurt! A LOT!
But that's not all, there was another experiment called the waterfall effect. It plays a trick on the eyes and brain. If you focus on the center of the video attached, no blinking, no looking away, for 20 seconds, you will see. It supposedly used to hypnotize people, which I don't know if that works or not. What happens is your eye muscles start to freak out because they are working so hard to focus, your brain gets confused. Try it out then look at someone's head! We did, it was hilarious!

We also learned about Isaac Newton's 3 laws of motion and did some experiments around these! But that's a story for another time!

Remember science can be done everywhere, anytime and is all around us! We learned a lot of things about science and it was a blast! I hope I can go to the science van again one day.

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  1. The waterfall effect did freak me out to! His head was getting larger and larger. (It looked like it was going to explode)! My favourite part was definitely the chair of nails, Miss Fullard looked so scared, what was your favourite part of Science In a Van?


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