Thursday, 13 September 2018

Mentos and Coke

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At the beginning of science week, Room 1 & 2 did the classic Mentos in a coke bottle experiment. The carbon dioxide in the soda (coke) reacts with the mentos very suddenly, shooting up into the sky and drenching anyone within range of the bubbly, volcanic-like soda. When the mentos was dropped in, using a very clear contraption, the coke came funneling up instantly. It was huge! 
Click on the link to watch the video :)

Quote "Taller than Mrs. Cometti"

By Emma & Elise


  1. Wow! The mentos and coke experiment was awesome. I also like when someone said "it's taller than Mrs Cometti!"

  2. Wow, That was a blast! (i've done worse than that😁) I wonder what happens if you do that 10 soda cans at once!

  3. Wow! I've seen the experiment before, But I didnt know about the science behind it. Its nice to learn new things everyday.



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