Thursday, 13 September 2018

Traditionally Korean Calligraphy

Today Room 1 went to the hall to learn about traditional Korean culture and Calligraphy.
Traditionally calligraphy is used to write poems, proverbs, quotations from bibles,
mottoes and much more.
We also learned the Four friends for a calligrapher. 1.Paper, 2. Brush,
3. Black ink bar (or black ink), 4.Ink stone (or white place).
The oriental brush originated in ancient China. Later, it was developed as an art in China,
Korea, and Japan.
In ancient times, Chinese carved their characters on shells or bones and then much later
they used brush and paper. Koreans applied this art to Korean characters.
The paint brushes are usually made with rabbit, goat and weasel hair.
To be a good calligrapher you need a peace of mind, ready to concentrate and to control
the brush.
We all enjoyed calligraphy and the Traditional Korean experience.

By Abby, Ruby & Saralee.


  1. we had a great time there learning about Korea

  2. The Calligraphy looked spectacular! It looks great!


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