Saturday, 23 June 2018

Arts Week Activities

During Arts week we had the opportunity to work with other year 6 classes! We took two drama and two dance workshops. We also did Visual Art with our own teachers. 


Room 1 loved doing the freeze frames with Mr Mac. 
Can you guess the scene/s we are creating here??


We learnt a lot about how to 'feel the beat', Room 1 did a fantastic job. 

Visual Art

During arts week we began our Autumn artwork (Yes it's no longer Autumn... but the leaves were EVERYWHERE). This is only the first step to creating our new pieces. We used real leaves found around the school to create our realistic prints. It can be a tricky process but it was such a fun experience seeing our prints revealed!


  1. Congratulations Room 1 and Mrs Cometti with your art week activities. I love the movement in your feel the beat video - super expression with your body shapes. I also love the 3 videos and reactions with the leaf prints. Printmaking was always a favourite that I loved to teach and the expressions on the faces of Caitlyn and Xavier were priceless!

  2. Awesome artwork Room 1! How do you make you make the leaf pattern?

  3. Wow room 1! The arts week activities so fun. The visual art looks really good. Keep the good work up.


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