Friday, 8 June 2018

Time Inquiry

This term Room 1 has been working on learning about time. 

We looked at different time zones around the world. We also looked at some countries that have the same time zone as us. Fiji was one of them. 

We also found out why 12 is at the top of the clock. In early Egypt, there were people that looked at the sky. They saw where the sun was. At 12.00pm the sun was at it's highest point. And, on a clock, the 12 is at the highest point. As time evolved the clock evolved to. It was made into sundials which were sticks planted into the earth. Then, the sundial evolved into the clock that we have nowadays. 

We have also found out that am stands for ante meridiem, which means before midday and pm stands for post meridiem which means after midday.

Our most recent work around time has been Analogue, Digital, and 24-hour clocks. We can now tell the difference between them. For example, six 0'clock pm is the same as 18.00 or 6.00pm. 

Image result for time photos

We have learned a lot about time. It hasn't just been part of our Maths it has also been part of our Inquiry

By: Samantha and Ashton


  1. Music to my ears.... seeing Mathematics everywhere not just in our scheduled "mathematics sessions". Keep it up Room 1 :-)

  2. It is awesome to hear that you have investigated all 3 ways to read time. Great that you have researched the origins of 12 being at the top of the clock (I think I knew this but not the Egyptian origin). Nowdays both digital and 24hr displays of time are the most common sightings for us compared with analogue - do you agree?


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