Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Warehouse letter

Room one and I decided to send a letter to the Wearhouse, it is about them encouraging people to buy plastic bags, just to put a token in the pot. All the tokens would go towards winning our school pool heat pump.

This is what I wrote...

Dear The Warehouse Pakuranga

To whom it may concern

Hello, my name is Blake Pritchard, and I am a student from room 1 at Sunnyhills school. I am writing to you because I do not get why you have to buy plastic bags just to get a token. I have heard that three of my classmates have come to the Warehouse wanting to put a token in the box. However, they have been encouraged to buy a plastic bag, even though they had a reusable bag with them! All they wanted to do was try to get our school pool a heat pump.

I do like shopping at The Warehouse, your prices are super low. Thank you for the heat pump in our school pool, it is very warm in there now. In fact, I did go for a swim this morning and it was so warm I could have stayed in there the whole day. Before I would be begging to get out, that's how cold it was!

Did you know that one trillion plastic bags are being made right now, and over 380 billion of them go into the sea each year?

I found out that your website says that you are an environmentally friendly store, and "take pride in customer service." Though when you say that, some of your staff members are encouraging people to buy plastic bags. It's just preposterous! Still, it says you want to "help customers live more sustainably" Then why do you encourage people to buy plastic bags? It also says on your website that "we take waste and recycling seriously," it's better for both the environment and the business", yet your staff members encourage people to buy plastic bags.

I understand that the purchase of plastic bags is what funded our school pool heat pump. However, it has come to my attention, that the amount of plastic bags sold to our local store, is causing more pollution. As a class, we thought the money raised from reusable bags could go towards the tokens instead. Another option could be to sell compostable bags and remove the sale of plastic bags.      

I do like to shop at the warehouse, but I don't understand why we have to buy a plastic bag just to support our school, please stop the encouragement of plastic bags.

Yours sincerely


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  1. Blake you have written a very persuasive letter, there is lots of interesting information too. Next time I go to the warehouse I will ask if I can buy a reusable bag.
    Lucy Johns (Adam's Mum)

  2. congrats Blake that letter has lots of factual information. You have made a very pervasive argument. This is really good and I'm looking foward to read the piece writing that you produce
    From Adam

  3. A very persuasive piece of writing Blake.

  4. Great letter writing Blake. As a family we are very quickly moving away from plastic bags - they are so unnecessary. I know that as young people you will only be using reusable bags for anything shopping as you get older. It will be the 'normal' thing. Great learning..

    love Mum xx


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