Friday, 8 June 2018

Buddy Class

Every Friday we pop into our year 2 buddy class Room 21!
We help them with their spelling, by taking and marking their spelling tests. We absolutely love connecting with other classrooms in the school.

Room 1 Mrs. Cometti is very proud of how you look at for these guys on the playground and help them in their learning. You are so patient and gentle. Keep being the amazing year six leaders you are!


  1. I like the cheerful smile, Tim


  2. I love going to our buddy class on Fridays. It is so much fun to help them with spelling, I just love watching them spell. I'm so excited to go to Room 21 again next Friday!


  3. Wow! Lots of cool people here. Can't wait to see their AMAZING faces on the buddy sheet. :D

    -Abinash ^_^

    /| |\
    ( )

  4. Awe So cute I love seeing the little buddy's 😍. They always make me laugh and I leave with a smile on my face. They are doing a great job at spelling too, I cant wait till I can see them again.😋

    -Ruby Lee Room 1

  5. Today was a lovely time at buddy class. We cheeked our little buddy's spelling test then did a fun worksheet.
    I love buddy class. It is always an enjoyable time.

    - Hollie

  6. I enjoy seeing all your smiles Rm 21 and Rm 1, Year 6's what wonderful role models you all are. Keep up the great work.

  7. I really love going to our buddy class, they are so cute! It looks like the buddies are having fun and I hope they like us coming.

  8. Fantastic photos, seeing the leaders of the school supporting our younger students. Wow! In every photo ALL the learners have massive smiles, what wonderful environments you have created Rm 21 and Rm 1. I can see these photos starring in our 2018 Yearbook! Have you ordered your copy yet?

  9. These photos make my heart sing. So beautiful to see our older learners supporting our younger learners! Thank you!


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