Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Fraction, decimal and percentage word Problems

Room 1 has been working on math word problems over the last two weeks. We were making them by our self, then solving each other's. Here is an example of Jack and Wilmer's math word problem. We are Looking forward to making more math problems.
By Jack


  1. WOW its awesome and fun to make the maths problem, Hope you can solve it! PS. Where is me? i made it with jack.

  2. Jack and Wilmer that is a very good fractions decimal and percentages maths problem. That problem is a very puzzling maths question. I like how you said 'also because Wilmer is much more hungry'.
    From Adam

  3. Nice math's question Jack you got me thinking.🤔

  4. I like the way Jack you have made the graphic to go with your word problem. It provided a different challenge because the pie doesn't reflect the 51% of the piece eaten. How could you create an image that would show this?


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