Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Warehouse Letter

Room 1 decided to send a letter to the Warehouse because they were asking a couple of students to buy a plastic bag in exchange for a token. They were just trying to help our school pool.

17 the Crest    
New Zealand

Dear the warehouse

To whom it may concern,
My name is James Robb, I am a student at Sunnyhills school.
Three of my classmates were told to by a plastic bag for a token. It cost them ten cents for a bag. It says on your website you are trying to reduce the amount of plastic bags, so why do you have to sell a plastic bag for a token?

One trillion plastic bags are made every year, and approximately 380 billion plastic bags end up in the ocean. A large number of animals die every year.

I understand that the money from the plastic bags funded the school pool heat pump.  but I just don't understand why you have to buy a plastic bags to get a token. Instead of giving a customer a token when they buy a plastic bag, could you instead give the customer a token if they don't use a bag?

I like shopping at the warehouse because you always have bargains. Thank you for helping us get the heat pump. Thank you for reading this letter, I hope to stop selling plastic bags.

Yours sincerely,
James Robb


  1. Fantastic letter Jamie. Well thought out and very topical at the moment. We all have to get involved and take responsibility for looking after the planet.

  2. Nice work jamie like the way you have a good amount of facts and the picture at the end.
    By Kees

  3. Awesome writing Jamie, I like how you came up with a solution that if they didn't buy a plastic bag then they would get a token.

  4. well done Jamie, great persuasive writing (-;

  5. well done Jamie, great persuasive writing (-;

  6. congratulations Jamie a very convincing argument. I like how you said you should give customers a token if they don't buy a plastic bag But where will all the money come from to fund raise? you also have good solid evidence


  7. Well done Jamie, great persuasive letter

  8. I like the idea of having a token for NOT asking for a bag! This puts a more positive spin on receiving tokens for the community challenge which we are trying to win by having the most tokens. I agree, as an enviro school we should be supporting NOT using plastic bags to be more sustainable.


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